Journaling and How It Saves Me From Anxiety

5 months ago, I decided to start writing my thoughts in a digital journal for no audience but myself. After 22 years, more than half my life, as an anxiety sufferer, no remedy, therapy or self-help guru has made a dent in my constant struggle.

The most significant source of help to me in all this time has been a simple method of writing a few sentences every day in my journal. I admit, as there are times when life has shifted my focus, that’s when anxiety creeps back into my mind, usually from not keeping up with my daily journaling.

But for the most part, I have had kept it up and freely written my personal thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement from other eyes on them.

The freedom to write anything I want in a journal and bring to life the words I dare not say usually have calmed the mind-chatter. The painful memories I’ve held on so tightly have a place to run and dance and play, in my case, on a digital page of my journey app.

Anxiety will always be with me, in the same way as laughter and love can be as human psychological states. But now I have a way to control it.

Journaling is a cheap, effective way to manage anxiety. It is not a cure, and other roles have a part to play in maintaining a healthy balance in life, but it sure does help. Anxiety and Journaling Don’t Play well Together!

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