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My goal is to show ambitious practice owners like you how to Grow, scale and free up your Valuable time by leveraging proven strategies and tactics from my 11 years as an orthodontic business manager

If you want to grow your success quickly, you need to stop thinking you need to work harder!

This site is full of helpful, practical tips to create the necessary shifts. It also includes a description of the tools, methods, concepts and goals that are essential to you. 

My mission is to help practice owners lead and inspire their team,  adopt effective systems and workflows and embrace technology for a modern business. In my blog series I share up-to-date, relevant information to grow and thrive. Sign up here.

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Hi! I am Jamie Wood.

I live in Nottingham and have been running East Midlands Orthodontics, a specialist Orthodontic Practice alongside my dad Specialist Orthodontist Dr Robbie Wood for the last eleven years.

After seeing exceptional recurring growth in our business, after only 3 years and with increased levels of stress and burnout in myself and my team I have discovered winning tactics to recover and avoid stress and to build a successful practice more effectively.

 Now I’ve decided to help other dental professionals implement the same strategies that enable us to create more high-value treatments whilst working less on low-value tasks through better systems and mindset.

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